IDC: For Salesforce customers, FinancialForce applications are “too good to pass up”

Post by: | July 25, 2014

“ customers that are looking for financial management, ordering and billing, professional services automation, human capital management, or supply chain management solutions should absolutely have on their list of products to consider.The investment these companies have already made in is enhanced by choosing to also use The ability to streamline work processes

Software Professionalism: Why? What? How?

Post by: | July 22, 2014

Software professionalism is arguably one of the most important aspects of software engineering yet it is rarely discussed. Software touches every aspect of our lives on a daily basis, from personal interactions all the way up through enterprise transactions. Our data is stored in these systems and most of us put our livelihood in their

How CFOs plan to deliver on 2014 expectations [Infographic]

Post by: | July 18, 2014

The CFO Alliance’s Annual CFO Sentiment and Planning Report – “ How CFOs Plan to Deliver on Optimistic 2014 Company Performance Expectations ” -echoes a new era of CFO involvement. The survey was conducted in November and December 2013 and includes 500 responses from a broad sample of senior financial executives across the U.S. The findings show that the role of CFOs across the country is

Proformative Webinar Recap: Revenue forecasting art, science or guesswork?

Post by: | July 17, 2014

As companies diversify their revenue streams with subscriptions, professional services engagements and other multi-level earning arrangements, developing an accurate revenue forecast is becoming more and more difficult -but it doesn’t have to be.In our latest Proformative webinar , Mike O’Brien – General Manager, Financial Management Applications at – discusses revenue forecasting and explains how most companies have plenty

Ashoka makes top 100 #salesforce1selfie using FinancialForce HCM

Post by: | July 16, 2014

Salesforce users everywhere have been using #salesforce1selfie to show how they run their business from their phone with the Salesforce1 mobile app. asked for examples of how organizations customized the Salesforce1 app to run their businesses. Amongst the top 100 examples cited by Salesforce was a tweet from FinancialForce HCM customer, Ashoka , about their

Customer Success. How do they do it?

Post by: | July 9, 2014

How do they do it? Our happy customers explain how they succeed with FinancialForce applications! From real-time visibility, to one-click invoicing, to customer-centric project management, to putting back office info in the hands of customer-facing staff, the results have changed their business. See what their workday was like before and after implementing FinancialForce applications. And

How to Successfully Implement ERP and Grow [Infographic]

Post by: | July 7, 2014

Deploying an Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) system can help consolidate disparate systems, modernize your IT database infrastructure and provide better reporting and analytics tools across your organization. While this new system will ultimately help your company grow, it is in no doubt a large IT investment. Aberdeens report, The CIOs Guide to Living with